'Indian writing in English' is given below (not an exhaustive one).

  • Post Independence Indian English Writing
  • Postcolonial concerns in Indian English Fiction
  • Search for & Assertion of Identity in recent Indian English Fiction
  • Feminist trends in Indian English poetry
  • Socio-cultural concerns in Indian English Writing
  • Relevance of Autobiographical and Biographical Works
  • Changing contours of Literary Criticism
  • Rise and recognition of Translation studies in recent times
  • Environment & Society in Contemporary Indian English Poetry
  • Relevance of Linguistic Anthropology
  • Impact of Economic & Political Reforms on Creative works
  • Mobility, Memory, Adaptation in Diaspora Works
  • Significance of Gender Studies
  • Location, Identity & Culture in Literature
  • Technology,Pedagogy and Literature.
  • Avenues to Emerge and Establish Credentials as a Writer
  • Social Media and Contemporary Poetry
  • Postcolonial Aspects in Indian English Drama
  • New Literatures : Emerging Trends
  • Contact, Conflict, Change: Language and Literature
  • Significance of Comparative Studies
  • Dichotomy of native and Non-native varieties
  • Linguistic Jingoism
  • Death of Languages – Sad Stories
  • Global Language – Is there an Epicenter?
  • Global Language – A Growing Monopoly?
  • English – Colonizing Minds and Bodies
  • Indianness of English:
    1. Ethnography
    2. Syntax
    3. Morphology
    4. Phonology
    5. Phonetics
  • Teaching of English:
    1. Teaching at primary, secondary and tertiary level
    2. Methods
    3. Materials
    4. Teacher development
    5. CALL
    6. Testing
    7. Language vs Literature debate
    8. ESP

  • Right to English: Myth or Reality
  • Use of English:
    1. English haves and havenots
    2. Heterogeneity of the classroom
    3. Addressing Learning Styles
  • English for all :
    1. Planning, delivery, tests, mass media
    2. National lexicon and national corpus
    3. English as an economic resource
    4. Indian literature in English as teaching material

  • Promise of Equity and Inclusiveness
  • Right to English – A Political Tool? An Economic Advantage?
  • Language Wars around the World
  • Global Language but Local Perspectives
  • English for empowerment
  • Indian English in the global community
  • Development of Indian English through the ages
  • ELT and critical pedagogy
  • Percept to practice of ELT
  • Global acceptance of Indian English